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 Costs and Credits :(

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PostSubject: Costs and Credits :(   Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:17 pm

Hi Sir., I am a Mexican young playerMU, it seems to me that the cost of the credits is very expensive, 1 SMS= $50 MXN = only 5,000 credits, Sad, why,,, because only an item F.O. +5soket costs 28.000 credits Sad, and 1 SET f.o. = 140,000 CREDITS Surprised .... Sirr please please a little consideration... I believe that they would have to lower a little its prices... THKS FOR ALL and ULTRAMU IS A good game...
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PostSubject: Re: Costs and Credits :(   Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:01 pm

I disagree with you about the item price.
1 FO item is only 1920 credits. (+Luck+All excellent option)
In this server chaos machine is 100% so there is no need to get anything +15
and you can easily buy Jewel of Life from the red barmaid so there is no need for +28
Unless I am wrong and FO item +5Socket(All empty 15000 O_O) is 16920.
If a 5 Socket FO item costs that much then..
Well, I won't disagree because 5 Socket items should not be very cheap.
Keep it as it is.
You can also get Jewel of Harmony easily if you need the yellow option on your items.
There is no need to get in webshop.
The only reason I see for anyone to get +Luck+FO+15+28+Yellow option is when you are lazy
to do some work in game.
That, or you are a very rich person. :/
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Costs and Credits :(
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